The biggest economic collapse in history is coming!

Stop the presses!

Today I’d like to talk about something that is absolutely essential for everybody to understand right now.

All evidence concludes that we’re heading straight towards the biggest financial meltdown ever to occur in human history. And once again, it’s coming straight from the derivatives market.

So what are derivatives? Imagine the biggest casino in Las Vegas. Now multiply that by about 100. You’re almost there.

The derivatives market is worth over 500 trillion dollars right now. Let’s think about that for a moment. The total debt of the United States of America is just over 18.5 trillion dollars.

That’s twenty seven times the current debt of the United States of America.

So what are derivatives? That’s a very good question. Derivatives are basically stocks bought and sold based on speculation of commodities like precious metals, crude oil, or sugar cane. They can also pertain to mortgages or even interest rates. Let’s look at some good examples of derivatives.

Remember the housing crash of 2008? Derivatives, all of it. And just like now, we have interest rates jumping up higher and higher. Meanwhile, all the so-called “gurus” are telling us that there’s nothing to worry about. Just like in 2008!

Meanwhile, the economy is coming to a halt in comparison. All this while the bubble grows so large that is is completely unsustainable.

The crash in 2008 was almost enough to destroy the whole world’s economy, and now we’re facing a bubble much, much bigger.


So that may not seem like enough evidence all by itself to send you searching for a way out of harm’s way, I understand that. There’s always hope, right?

Here’s a great video that shows a lot more evidence and research than I could ever hope to compile in a single blog post. Take a look!